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Non-Profits we Support in our Community

The Navigation Center

As an organization, we understand the importance of providing wrap around services to our clients. With that in mind, we often partner with The Navigation Center which provides rental assistance dollars and case management services to our clients to supplement the legal services we provide. Additionally, our team assists tenants with Housing Choice Voucher sign ups.

East Cooper Community Outreach

East Cooper Community Outreach is a nonprofit located in Mount Pleasant. We have partnered over the years by hosting educational seminars in a variety of topics including housing law, expungements, and probate. We also periodically host Wills Clinics with their participants.

Habitat for Humanity
Our office partners with local chapters of Habitat for Humanity to provide their participants with estate planning documents. When their clients work toward having their own home, it is critical to ensure proper legal documents exist to avoid creating heirs property or a potential probate battle.
Charleston Area Senior Centers
We partner with several area senior centers and senior living facilities to provide educational seminars on a variety of topics. We also host annual wills clinics so that the low-income seniors in our community can have their estate planning handled without the concern of high costs.
Florence Crittenton

Florence Crittenton Programs of South Carolina’s mission is to provide hope, safety, and opportunity to at-risk, pregnant, and parenting young women in order to instill self-worth and self-sufficiency. Our team provides educational programming in conjunction with our family law clinic for the residents of Florence Crittenton. Topics include custody, visitation, child support, and name changes. 

Charleston County Public Library

For several years, our team hosts Lawyers in the Library sessions at various CCPL locations covering a variety of topics including family law, housing law, consumer law, and expungements. Legal education sessions occur both in person and on our virtual platform.

Charleston County Housing Court

How to Get Involved

While dollars to fund rent and utilities are important, if a tenant doesn’t have legal representation advocating, protecting their rights, and demanding justice, there will be many who fall through the cracks and never make it to the organizations that offer the dollars. It needs to be a collaboration, which is exactly what we’ve been doing to address the eviction crisis, pre-dating the pandemic.

A committee comprised of legal aid organizations, magistrate judges, and social service providers, worked for a year to create the Charleston Housing Court Program which was ultimately sanctioned by the SC Supreme Court.  The Program provides eligible tenants facing an eviction the option to have representation at the eviction hearing at no cost. It started October 2019 with one court operating one day a week. Over the years, it has grown to seven courts operating 4 days a week.

Having established the Pilot Project’s success over the past two years, the Committee decided it was time to seek approval for further expansion. And, on December 7, 2021, Chief Justice Beatty issued an Order regarding Charleston Housing Court Expansion, stating in part, “This Court recognizes the importance and need of the program in the Charleston area and as a result hereby authorizes the expansion of the program to all magistrate courts in the Charleston area.” 

If you’re an attorney who would like to get involved in the Housing Court Program, please reach out to  Natalie Sorrem, the Housing Court Coordinator. Housing Court involves a short orientation, and then you can commit to monthly or even quarterly.  You can sign up here for just one day or several! Every bit helps.

Educational Seminars

If you would like to join us in presenting educational seminars to area nonprofits, please reach out to coordinate.


If you cannot take a case for representation, participate in an outreach program, or sign up for Housing Court, but still want to support our work, please consider making a donation.