Charleston Pro Bono Receives Grant from Trident United Way



Last week, we received the wonderful news that Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services will be receiving a grant from Trident United Way to host a landlord/tenant CLE in Charleston. The seminar will be held on February 17, 2017, and will be free to all members of the Charleston County bar and alumni of Charleston School of Law.

While the agenda is still coming together, we are looking forward to having a panel of representatives from the various local housing authorities and also a step-by-step tutorial on defending evictions.  Additionally, we plan on covering financial aspects of landlord/tenant cases including potential for fees and how to get security deposits back and also the impact of landlord/tenant issues on indigent clients that we serve at CPBLS. Our goal is to teach attorneys who have no (or little) experience in landlord/tenant work, how to defend tenants in situations where they are being taken advantage of by their landlords.

Essentially, we receive requests for help at Charleston Pro Bono all the time but because of the short turn around time for certain things like evictions, we often can’t help them in a timely manner. We’re striving to start getting private attorneys to accept a pro bono case at least once a year. If they knew more about the practice (i.e. necessary pleadings) then they may feel more empowered to help out. This area is a great area for pro bono work since it tends to be finite and not drag out over the course of years like a custody battle often does.

The clients we get at Charleston Pro Bono would never be able to afford an attorney so most are going without representation. This CLE will provide the tools necessary for our local community to give back in a truly meaningful way.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. For additional information on the Community Engagement Grants from Trident United Way, please see their announcement: TUW Announcement on Grant Award.

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